Kylie Minogue 2023 leaked songs — first reaction

Писал на форуме Кайли свои мысли после прослушивания множества утёкших в сеть неизданных песен. Решил продублировать в блог (иногда забываю, что могу сюда постить всё, что хочу) Сами песни выложить не могу, потому что это нарушение авторских прав и всё такое 🙂

Drum — 4/5
Piano — 5/5 (very catchy, and a little bit trashy; instrumental reminds me of Miss a Thing, vocals and melody — of eastern european pop songs from 90s)
Eyes on You — 5/5 (loooove the beat — gets too repetitive at the end, but I guess it’s not really finished version)
Tears will Dry — 4/5 (could’ve been a GOMW b-side)
Disco — 3/5 (didn’t really memorize this one, only the sample)
A Rose is a Rose — 4/5 (never understood the lyrics but the melody and vocals are nice)
Beautiful Disaster — 3/5 (ok song, but is mid-tempo and a little bit boring)
People — 2/5
Rewind — 2/5 (very intriguing beginning, very disappointing afterwards — don’t like vocals, autotune, overall production)
Uncut Stone — 3/5 (reminded me of Sincerely Yours, didn’t like the vocal production on the chorus — sounds like some Disney star from 2011)
Here I Go Again — 3/5 (very 80s instrumental, fun but weak song)
Home — 1/5 (instrumental is M.I.A. reject? I’m not even sure that what I downloaded is a Kylie song. I’m not even sure it’s a song at all)
Like Lightning — 3/5 (nice ballad, nothing special)
The Loneliest Kind of Lover — 4/5 (could’ve been a Carly Rae track, cute sweet pop song)
Not Letting Go — 2/5 (american teen pop from 2011 again)
Sad Song — 3/5
Shooting Star — 4/5 (one of my favourite leaks. Don’t think it’s album-worthy but it was a pleasant listen, very adult-pop)
Sweet Spot — 2/5 (sounds like X track — vocals and production do not work together, it’s like two different demos merged)
Tears of Joy — 3/5 (started as her Blinding Lights moment, overall it’s like an updated PWL track — but definitely has potential)
Tia Maria — 4/5 (not sure about diva vocals but love 90s dancepop influences — could’ve been a banger if finished)
Was It Ever Really Love? — 3/5 (fun one but the chorus isn’t even close to be finished)
What Do Yo Know — 3/5 (kinda childish song and production — sounds a little bit like that Sigala track or even Dancing/ Love a Little)
Feel — 4/5 (not sure what’s happening on the chorus — with Kylie vocals there would be a very decent song)
Feel the Love — 2/5 (sounds like ABBA/ Gloria Gaynor parody mash-up, not subtle enough and I was cringing)
Fingerprints — 3/5 (soulless but has some good ideas — reminds me of KMO album)
Four Letters — 4/5 (why wasn’t it a b-side to music’s too sad? probably only because they didn’t bother with physical singles)
Golden (Demo) — 5/5 (never was a fan of Rollin’ (Golden bonus track), but this one sounds better than the final version, also fun to know that Kylie was building her whole campaign around We are not old not young we are Golden, but the title track was supposed to be a different song)

Padam Padam — 100000/5

Comparing to X CDr leaks these ones are surprisingly good. I couldn’t even listen to most of the X sessions tracks, but these ones sometimes sound like finished songs and some of them could’ve been album tracks or at least b-sides.

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